The Bachelor franchise has a race problem. I should know. Long before casting Matt James as the first Black Bachelor, our team, including civil rights attorneys Byron Perkins and George Barrett, mounted the only race discrimination class action against the franchise. …

Section 1981 has been on the books for more than 150 years. But its promise has never been fulfilled.

U.W. Clemon, Civil rights attorney

Joshua Karsh, Civil rights attorney

Cyrus Mehri, Civil rights attorney

Brady-Handy photograph collection / Library of Congress / AP

As America reckons with its history of…

By Richard Condit and Michael Lieder

This week, former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly reportedly expressed misgivings about President Trump’s removal of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman from the White House because, according to Kelly, Vindman did what he was trained to do in the military. …

Seven years ago, I fell in love and, relatedly, I stopped eating beef.

Like most Americans, until recently, I loved burgers and steak. But early in my courtship with my now-wife, a prix fixe dinner changed things. When the waiter presented us with a gorgeous-looking, perfectly cooked and seasoned medium…

One thing is clear from the results from this election cycle: The people are not happy. On both sides of the aisle, voters spurned the political elites and establishment in favor of populist candidates who recognize the deep fissures among America’s communities — especially young people.

Voters are responding to…

Cyrus Mehri

Cyrus Mehri is the co-founder of Mehri & Skalet; Working IDEAL; & the Fritz Pollard Alliance @FindJusticeLaw

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